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        Welcome to the site of Nexus Ltd . Our cooperation with West European companies has made Nexus Ltd an experienced provider of services that are very helpful for foreign companies and business people who are interested in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. Our staff is committed to providing you with professional support, knowledge and expertise necessary to answer all of your questions.

        Over the past ten years acting on behalf of our clients worldwide we have used our national and international contacts and experience to assist in a wide variety of business development needs. Whether you are planning to start your business in Russia, or organizing your trip to Russia/Ukraine, or need assistance to expand your existing business into these territories, we will help you achieve your objectives. Our goal is for you to arrive in Russia on day one, and start doing business on day two. Itís more than you expect, but not more than you deserve.

        Business Functions and Services Provided:

  • Network of consultants who develop market scans and business plans, creating a sound strategy to grow your business in Russia or Ukraine
  • Interpreting services, from basic translation up to the professional associate who assists at business meetings and dinners
  • Assistance and preparation participation for exhibitions
  • Exhibitions Interpreters and Hostesses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev
  • Assistance in establishing contact with distribution and marketing channels and technology partners
  • Panels of professional service providers including secretarial service, lawyers and accountants
  • Travel support including transportation, and apartment accommodations
  • Portfolio management (security-Russian market)
  • Mathematical modeling, risk analysis, statistics and probability analysis
  • Other services as required by our clients

        For convenience of our European and American customers in addition to Nexus Ltd which is situated in Russia, we have opened company in Germany, NEXUS-EUROPE GmbH. Our German and Russian staff will work closely together to meet our clients requirements efficiently and economically. Nexus Europe GmbH provides wide variations of services and supported by German and American government. Please visit the site at www.nexus-gmbh.biz.

        We consider each project to be unique with its specific goals and objectives. In accordance with these goals we form a team of experts and develop an action plan. As our client you are invited to work with us to design the package that meets your individual requirements.

        Our goal is to provide professional and helpful service and value at a reasonable rate. We are always open to discuss any of your ideas and suggestions. We speak the language of experience.